4 reasons to invalidate the simplified revision of local urbanism plan

Mayor of Paris organized in november and december 2011 a public enquiry for the « simplified revision of local urbanism plan ». This procedure is necessary to build Triangle Tower. We publish here the full contribution of B. Sausay, President of the ADAHPE Association. He gives here four reasons that could lead to the invalidation of this procedure.

First cause of invalidation: Studies submitted to public inquiry should have been extensive and detailed. However the documents are incomplete particularly about transport, wind impacts, logistics, sunshine, energy consumption…

Second cause of invalidation: The justification of public interest (e.g. iconic architecture, open access for the public… ) of the project is not strong compared with the damage caused to the Exibition center of Porte de Versailles, Paris.

Third cause of invalidation: The Triangle project and the public garden are two separate projects (two perimeters, two main contractors, no functional link). So we should have two simplified revision procedures instead of only one.

Fourth cause of invalidation: According to the 2001/42 Directive of European Parliament, a detailed environmental study should have been made and attached to the public inquiry file. This is not the case.

Full contribution (20 pages) in French (pdf format) – Must Read

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